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Making a Silent Computer! So sleeping at my desk is undisturbed

The finished computer:

Innards of the finished computer:

Construction Process:

Marking the heatsink for new holes.
Bolts will go through the holes and screw into aluminum brackets.

The aluminum brackets are cut off a 1/8" x 3/4" strip of aluminum bar
I tape the aluminum plates to the heat sink while drilling.
This ensures the holes in the heatsink & the brackets will line up

The holes in only the heatsink are redrilled wider, so the bolts will slide through.
Then the heatsink is turned over and the holes are counter-sunk to fit the bolt heads.

The finished drilling of the heatsink.
Every pair of holes can attach a bracket.

Threads are tapped into the brackets. This makes them easier to install than by using bolts.

Some wooden blocks allow me to make exact bends in the heatpipes
The heatpipes are like big sticks of chewing gum.
The rounded corners on the wood ensure the heatpipes bend smoothly and don't get kinked.

The CPU has a short heat pipe
The video card makes more heat, and is further from the heat sink, so it has 2 heat pipes.
All of the heatpipes have thermal paste applies where they are attached on both ends.
The heat pipe is held onto the CPU with the bracket that came with the case.
The right side of the CPU heatpipe is bent up so it will fit over other components on the motherboard.

The heatsink is removed from the graphics card, and heatpipes attached using an aluminum bracket.
The bracket is screwed through 2 of the holes that held the heatsink. The heatpipes are so wide they cover the other 2 holes.
The corners of the bracket are shaved down to fit at an angle.

Hard drive is secured to a piece of aluminum bar, and attached in place of the optical drive chassis

The bar is angled at the ends and screwed into the holes for the optical drive chassis

The case comes with a hole to attach a plug for standard 12v barrell connectors. These are the connectors used on smaller 12v power converters
The larger power supplies have a larger 4-pin plug. Part of the grill is removed so the plug can also be attached.
Now the PicoPSU can be attached to either plug, allowing the use of either style of power converter