Set your hopes up way too high, the living is in the way we try

Making a headset! Serious Eurodance needs serious earphones!

My Etymotic ER-6i earbuds don't have a microphone or buttons. We will attach the wires from an HTC set to get them!

Let's begin!

The original Etymotics after removing the rubber tips
Cutting away the shrinkwrap, just like opening christmas presents

Remove the little rubber square which gives strain relief for the wire
Now some extra wire can be pulled up through the hole in the case

The case is pried apart
Delicious innards are exposed!

Wire connections on the driver exposed
Some desoldering releases it from the wire
Untie the wire and the case is removed

Break apart the earplugs on the HTC earbuds
They are glued so some pleasant destruction is necessary

Desolder the HTC drivers

Pry off the metal clip and slide off the old case
The fat cable needs surgery for it to fit in its new clothes

Use a drill bit to make the hole in the new case slightly bigger
Slide the cable through the case and tie the end in a tight knot
The black twist tie is to make sure the cable isn't accidentally pulled tight before it's ready

After the case is slid onto the wire, solder the new driver
Remember: Red = Right earphone, Green = Left earphone. Those wires connect to the right solder pads.
Copper + Blue wires attach to the left solder pads.

When the wires are connected, play some music to test they work!
Put the driver back into the case
Pull the wire taut, and reattach the rubber square

5/8" Shrinkwrap holds the case together during our energetic dancing!
Different colours make it easier to identify left & right earbuds

Rubber tips reinstalled and they're ready to go!