Set your hopes up way too high, the living is in the way we try

Making Wall Spheres! Art isn't just for squares any more.

On the table!

That's 500 spheres, and the pipes to hold them

Short pipes glued to the board will hold the spheres

This prevents the little rascals from running away while being painted!

This rubber-lined box holds the spheres in place so they won't wiggle when being drilled

Frame lumber... true square is so soothing

Adding rabbet and dado joints; the inner frame fits together!

Once we know the spheres fit, we measure how large the acrylic pane should be

A router cuts a groove into the outer frame, for brackets and pane screws

Gluing outer frame, and checking its fit with the inner frame

Putty to fill divots in the soft wood

The logo... so no one takes credit for my artistry!

Painting the frame in the shower stall paint booth

A soft bed for the spheres to rest in

Nails in the backboard hold the spheres in place

Spheres laid out- with and without gaps to compare how they look

Glueing the fabric to cover up the nail heads

Fancy screwheads to attach the backboard to the inner frame

The acrylic cover is attached to the inner frame... The protective film will be peeled off later

Attaching the inner frame to the outer frame, and a strip of metal bracket to attach it to the wall