Set your hopes up way too high, the living is in the way we try

Life in pictures

Friday February 10 2017: California Supermarket

Halloween October 31 2016: Cubicle ghost

Sunday May 29 2016: Daiso cosmetics
One hand is very enough

Friday May 20 2016: Work habitat #2

Friday May 6 2016: Cheesecake factory
The many eyes of Sauron

Thursday September 9 2015: Grant's Tasti
My deliciousness is finally recognized

Tuesday February 3 2015: CauliFlowers

Sunday August 10 2014: Travelscapes

Moonrise in Oregon, sunset in White Rock

Friday Jun 27 2014: Work Habitat

Thursday May 15 2014: Fountain

Saturday April 26 2014: Space Dog

Friday April 18 2014: Lamp pole smirk

Wednesday April 16 2014: Stranger's appreciation

Yes, you were indeed a beautifuly ugly bike

Saturday March 1 2014: GhosTea

An awesome present from my amazing woodshop partner. She drew the picture in pencil and ink. The frame is hand-made.

Wednesday January 15 2014: Graffiti on La Brea

A building under renovation

Friday December 6 2013: Texash Oldem

A very cheap poker table

Sunday December 1 2013: Bathroom graffiti

Graffiti at the artist studio warehouse... lost to a coat of paint forever

Friday November 8 2013: Badass parking

Yes, I really am that good.

Friday October 4 2013: Super Abogado

It's no coincidence that the big winner also has a boxcar moustache.

Tuesday September 12 2013: New tenant

Found a note on my car: "Please do not drive away. Our cat thinks he owns your car."

Wednesday September 4 2013: United, but Independent

East Los Angeles: home of the ironically hip taxi company

Monday March 1 2004: Lord of the Write-Offs

Received a ticket for investment planning seminar featuring Gollum-bek. Yess... me wants me precious fundsies...

Thursday February 29 2004: Cruising

Race bike got to enjoy the sunny weekend breezes.

Saturday February 14 2004: Bike Show

Valentines day! My true love, 39 pomegranates! (and a loaf of banana bread)

Saturday February 7 2004: Summer Gear
Is it the sun that is so hot, or is it just me? Either way, it's ok, because my great new summer gear will keep me cool & lithe!

Wednesday January 21 2004: Getting Hitched

No, it's not marriage, it's better! It's my new trailer!
The instructions say it takes 4 hours to assemble. What do they know, I'm a handy guy, it only took me 5 hours.

Monday January 4 2004

Somehow I won the bidding in court today, at the end of the month I'll own a new condo. The agent got worried when asked "What happens if I don't pay?"

Thursday January 1 2004

10 hours of snowy adventure in the hinterlands of B.C. brought forth a prize: Banana Bike! This is a 1999 r6 and I with a paint job like that I will not at all worry about dropping it on the race track.