Set your hopes up way too high, the living is in the way we try

The laminate floor install experience. Why pay someone $1000 to install in 2 days something I can install myself in a mere three seven months?

The start of it all.. my hallway after putting down 2 pieces

The hallway after a few full rows

Getting this piece into the doorway was very tricky. The edges fit under the doorway trim, so it can't be lifted up to click in. I slid a bar under the previously laid floor to lift that up instead, and then hammered the joint together. Unfortunately this is a 1-way install, so to remove that piece, I had use a dremel to cut it apart.

Woops! The hallway floor was uneven, I tried to slide foam & cardboard under to shim it, but it didn't work out... so I had to pull EVERYTHING up and start laying leveller concrete. You can see it by the door & electrical socket.

Now i'm mostly satisfied with the concrete, so I've started all over.

Here the floor flows right through to the storage.

The floor flows into the closet. The bar across the entrance is the track for the closet doors.

Transition molding between hallway & bathroom.

The bedroom after pulling up the carpet. This is is a nearly square room, so it should be a nice break after the complicated hallway... or maybe not, the concrete is pretty wavy in here too & needed a lot of levelling love & attention.

A few rows in the bedroom. You can see the light strip of levelling concrete on the bottom-right.

Bedroom's 2/3rds done... we're getting close to the door though, which means more trickery to flow under the trim. Fortunately, I measured ahead of time, so I know that the final row will not be too thick or too thin.

Bedroom floor, all done.

Move my furniture back in, and finally I sleep in privacy!

Here I am cleaning up the living room floor...

The living room floor... this is a huge room, and once again, the floor is very wavy... nothing a lot of levelling concrete can't fix, now that I know what i'm looking for.

The concrete has been laid, which is the dark strip on the right. Another of concrete is under the foam on the left. The foam was taped at the doorway to the foam from the bedroom so now it's part of a much larger foam beast.

The living room floor must connect to piece from the bedroom, so i lay some scrap to size out the upper-left pieces

Somehow i cut the same pieces wrong a zillion times. Here you can see all the pieces I ruined but not measuring correctly

The next day I finally got things on track... this is the longest dimension in the apartment, every row is 5 1/2 planks long.

Woops, looks like there's still some dips to fill... take it all apart and try again.

Inching across the living room

The living room finally done

Transition between hallway & living room

The outermost corner of my den was very depressed, I had to build it up around the edge of the windows.

The den is small, so the first part goes quickly. But the door is at an angle so it will get difficult quickly.

Finished! That's the last of my flooring!