Set your hopes up way too high, the living is in the way we try

Making a box! But not the cool kind that opens gateways to hell.

I've got wood!

Sadly, Monsanto has not yet created zebra-trees. Current technology requires gluing pieces together to create the light/dark contrast

The insolent wood has been cut down to size

dry-fitting the rough pieces, we can see the shape forming

Using a bent "fairing stick" to trace smooth curves

Cutting identical pieces is done a lot faster when they are taped and run through the machines together

Gluing the frame together. This must be done fast because the thirsty wood makes the glue set quickly.

Dry-fitting the lid pieces together. They are joined in a way that will allow the 2 different kinds of wood to expand and contract without cracking.

Resting the wood against a piece of scrap clamped to the sled ensures that every leg I cut will be exactly the same length.

Sanding the drawers and the lid.

Applying 3 coats of protective finish to all of the pieces. This protects against moisture, darkens the wenge, and highlights the beautiful texture of the curly maple.

Velvet is cut to size, and attached with spray glue to provide a soft cozy inside.

Imposters are everywhere! A logo branded in with a soldering iron will deter my enemies from attempting counterfeits


Every good box needs another good box to go inside. This foam protects it while en route!